From producer to consumer

Have you tasted our products during your holidays in Tuscany and did you like them?

You have no way of returning to visit our beautiful territories but want to keep in touch with our producers?

You can do it!

Link  to our web-page and you will find a selection of products for gourmets, who are not particularly attracted by explanations and reviews written in terms by great chefs or culinary critics, but by food and drink lovers 

Mostly are the small producers who make high quality products preferring the traceability of the raw ingridients, the seasonality and respect for food and wine traditions.

You will find: Wines, Oil, Craft Beers, Liqueurs and Spirits, Honey, Saffron, Artisan Pasta, Artisan Pastry, Legumes and Cereals.

We are not a virtual shop, but we'd like to give our customers this service to bring our flavors to their homes even when they are far away!

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