wine tasting in the cellars dimens

A unique sensory experience, a formula of tourism that knows no age and gives its  best in every season

The wine is one of the typical products of Italian excellence and much to be known, appreciated and exported all over the world

The winery, is definitely the best place to learn about one of the products of excellence of Made in Italy

A visit into the cellar allows you to immerse yourself into the authentic traditions of the different territories, you will meet the producers, feel the aromas of the wine which change during the 4 seasons and finally enjoy a glass of history, in the location that best interprets the Italian wine-tradition

A great opportunity to discover the fascinating world of wine and stay in contact with the producers If you're passionate or just curious about the world of Italian wine, BRUNELLO WINE TOUR will help you to create a unique and unforgettable wine& tasting tour in any Italian region

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